Design Stage
The design stage is to solidify the plan working out the inner details of how the solution will work. Each of the technical specifications must be covered by the design to ensure the solution will met it is requirements. This design will include a plan with estimates of all the tasks required until the first release. This plan covers the full creation of the system, through to the testing to be carried out .

Each technical specification is required to be fully tested. A test plan is documented to provide details of the systematic approach to testing the system. Each part of the specification is defined in a way that can be tested by our engineers, to verify and ensure the final product meets its specifications identified.

The design process completely maps out the solution with details of how all interactions take place between each hardware and software component. Our engineers use well defined processes when making design decisions to ensure the valuable details gained while designing are fully documented. Prototyping of the design may be required to help mitigate any high risk areas.

  • Detailed documentation
  • Design decision matrices
  • UML design diagrams
  • Project framework
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Board level block diagrams
  • Risk assessments updated