My Background

Barrie Duncan
I started B Duncan Ltd, a research and development consulting company, in 2010, being based in Christchurch.

Previously I worked for Schneider Electric Australia in Brisbane for four years and in the States. Starting as a software engineer in their research and development team, I later moved on to manage one of their marketing teams which performed requirement documentation, verification and validation of electrical, electronics and software projects. In the USA I was involved in product training, support and sales.

Before working at Schneider Electric I worked for Electronic Services Industrial and Marine LTD, while completing my university Electrical Engineering studies being involved in developing medical, industrial and marine electronics.

At Canterbury University I graduated with First Class Honours and was recognised for being in the top 15% of students across all fields, allowing entry into the Golden Key International Honour Society.

More details about my background are available on LinkedIn

Please do contact me at [email protected], or on +64 (0)9 889 2386 if you would like to receive any references or further details about my background.

Barrie Duncan BE Elec (Hons) 1st Class