We’re able to provide technical support to your customers and your engineers.


Our consulting services are bespoke, professional and confidential.

Technical Advice

We’re here to help in any way possible, whether that be working alongside your engineers, start-to-finish development, or design review.

R & D Resources

Experienced engineers are available, with a number of different specialities and backgrounds, providing a thorough and broad understanding of new technology and development requirements.


We have rigorous and thorough testing standards, and can provide product testing and capability reviews.


We have an extended knowledge of electrical system faults, including harmonic analysis and power quality measurements.


We can provide impartial advice on upgrading your existing systems, such as factory automation, control or protection.


We’ll review your existing systems, including electrical plant and equipment installations, and software and firmware quality.

Real Time Operating Systems

We have extended experience with the development and utilisation of real time operating systems for a wide array of applications across various fields of engineering.

Embedded Development Systems

The integration of software and electronics into antiquated systems – both mechanical and electrical – is driving the requirement for understanding Embedded Electronics. We’re happy to help you adjust to your new system, providing our in depth knowledge of various Embedded platforms.