Peet De Wet – Technical Project Manager for Wellington Drive Technologies

Wellington Drive Technologies partnered with B Duncan Ltd. to develop firmware for our low power battery operated IoT product called “Monitor” and to maintain firmware for an electronic controlled motor “ECR2”. BDL developed robust, well-tested firmware and provided valuable insights to improve reliability and maintainability of the firmware.

Fastec START Project

We provided research and development (R&D) consulting services, as well as aiding in the redesign of major sections of the Fastec START product. We helped to combine the various incomplete and undocumented design revisions into a working, fully documented and manufacturable product. This product in particular required an engineering firm competent in Power Electronics, Software[…]

OceanaGold Protection Upgrade

We were approached to help commission new reclosers for upgrading the overhead network’s protection of the electrical supply at Macres Mine. These protection devices were installed on their overhead 11kV lines, which were used for both ring networks with directional protection running and radial networks with standard over current protection.  This upgrade enabled the system to clear faults,[…]

Phase Distortion Design Review

B Duncan LTD provided third party design review services for a major electrical power systems manufacturer to improve the electrical reactive and real power calculation accuracy of a power system measuring device. After our review, a unique solution was proposed and implemented in software, resolving the existing measured distortion. This was deigned at no extra[…]