SCADA Systems

The implementation of large electrical and electronic networks often requires remote monitoring and control, and the SCADA standard is an industry standard. We can help your engineers get up to speed on the SCADA protocol.

Distribution Automation

Protection Engineering

Power Systems

We’ve been working in the power electronics sector as development engineers for over 10 years, and are able to provide a unique insight into the functionality of protection, distribution and control technologies and how best to make use of this equipment.


We provide a range of training services to ensure your engineers remain up-to-date with the latest technological products on the market, keeping you at the forefront of your field of engineering.

Design Review

We’re comfortable in providing expert advice on existing designs, as well as working with your engineers to better improve your product. We’re here to help.

Research & Development

We provide research and development services across a wide range of disciplines and domains.


Helping clients liaise with manufacturers around the globe.

Electronics Engineering

Electronic devices have changed the way we live. From the moment we wake, our lives are filled with new technology, built and controlled by electronics. This affects everything from how we communicate, manufacture, trade and entertain, and we, at B Duncan LTD, can provide services for all of your electronic engineering needs.


Electrical Power Engineering

Electric power is arguably the most important secondary source of energy used in our modern society.  We, at B Duncan LTD, are heavily involved in helping utilities and vendors improve the reliability of the ageing power grid. We provide services to help, to both develop and support new smart grid functionality.